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            Welcome to the official website of Siait-cable Group Limited
            CN EN

            Recruitment Notice

            New Yate Cable Co., Ltd. is now facing the community 廣納 Xiancai:
            Position: workshop director recruitment 4 people
            job requirements:
            1, college education, engaged in wire and cable production management work for more than 3 years
            2, familiar with the wire and cable production management procedures and cable manufacturing process
            3, with a strong organization, coordination, communication skills
            4, strong sense of responsibility, strong execution
            5, good health, love and dedication

            Position: Cable Engineer Recruitment 2 people
            job requirements:
            1, wire and cable professional college education, with cable engineers qualifications
            2, engaged in wire and cable work for more than five years, mainly engaged in wire and cable technology research
            3, with a certain production process technology improvement and product development, innovation, can independently develop process design and product design
            4, to timely solve the product trial production, production of technical problems
            5, can grasp the industry technology, raw and auxiliary materials, equipment and new product development trends
            6, strong sense of responsibility, communication and coordination ability

            Position: Quality Engineer Recruitment 1 person
            job requirements:
            1, wire and cable related professional, the need for quality engineer title;
            2, engaged in cable quality management related work experience for more than 3 years;
            3, familiar with raw materials, semi - finished products and finished product testing and type test;
            4, to understand the cable industry-related quality management system;
            5, have a strong execution, familiar with the technology;
            6, have a strong organization, communication and coordination;

            Position: Electrical Engineer Recruitment 1 person
            job requirements:
            1, electrical or automation professional graduation, and engaged in related work for more than 2 years;
            2, has a wealth of practical experience in electrical work. Have equipment installation, commissioning experience is preferred;
            3, able to independently complete the cable equipment for electrical maintenance and software programming work;
            4, have a strong sense of responsibility and hard work attitude;

            Position: Mechanical Engineer Recruitment 1 person
            job requirements:
            1, engaged in mechanical related work for more than 3 years;
            2, familiar with equipment maintenance, maintenance rules;
            3, familiar with the principle of mechanical manufacturing, familiar with automation equipment;
            4, skilled use of autocad, CAD and other mapping software;
            5, with a strong hands-on ability to analyze the equipment to determine and remove the fault;
            6, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, self - learning ability;

            Position: workshop workers to recruit a number of
            job requirements:
            1, high school or higher, aged 20-35 years old male;
            2, love and respect their jobs, good character, hard-working, with team spirit;
            3, to adapt to shift, are interested in the cause of wire and cable;
            4, a sense of responsibility and strong self - learning and acceptance;
            5, good health, hard work, subject to leadership arrangements;
            6, no infectious and mental illness;

            Position: mechanic recruitment of 10 people
            job requirements:
            1, technical school machinery graduate, 35 years of age
            2, engaged in mechanical equipment installation, maintenance work for more than 3 years
            3, proficient in mechanical drawing, strong sense of responsibility

            Position: Electric Recruitment 4 people
            job requirements:
            1, need a certificate, 35 years of age
            2, engaged in electrical work for more than 5 years
            3, proficient in strong electricity, weak, can read, draw the circuit layout

            Position: Water Recruitment 2 people
            job requirements"
            1,40 years of age, water supply and drainage college or higher graduate
            2, engaged in water supply and drainage work for more than 3 years, can draw waterway network map

            Position: Recruitment 2 people
            job requirements:
            1,35 years of age, engaged in work for more than 2 years
            2, familiar with the mold processing, manufacturing, can maintain the machine

            Position: Accounting Recruitment 4 people
            job requirements:
            1, age 25-35 years old male, college or higher.
            2, with accounting qualification certificate; engaged in industrial accounting work for more than three years
            3. Familiar with all kinds of financial software, proficient in computer and office software;
            4. Familiar with the enterprise accounting system, the national accounting laws and regulations, the relevant tax tax policy.

            Position: Administrative staff Recruitment 1 person
            job requirements:
            1, aged 25-30 years old, undergraduate or higher,
            2, with secret knowledge, more than 2 years of work experience in the same post
            3, skilled operation Office office software, Mandarin standards, proficient in business etiquette.
            4, with excellent writing, communication skills, coordination, co-ordination arrangements.
            5, good health, good temperament, a sense of responsibility, can Chikunailao

            Position: Salesman Recruitment 20 people
            job requirements:
            1, Marketing Bachelor degree, wire and cable, electricity, petroleum and petrochemical, steel, transportation and other institutions (professional) priority
            2, male height 1.7 m female height 1.6 m, good health, appearance side
            3, have a certain wire and cable expertise, a strong team collaboration and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility; able to adapt to long-term overseas, independent work; with pioneering and perseverance of the spirit of work;
            4, have peer-related work experience or government, power system relations are preferred.

            Position: Security Recruitment 6 people
            job requirements:
            1, age 30 - 45 years old
            2, veterans or engaged in security work priority
            3, good health, hard work, subject to leadership arrangements
            4, the workplace in Wuwei County high ditch industrial park

            Contact: Mr. Zhang
            Tel: 15955651906 0553-6884111
            Fax: 0553-6882333
            Company website: http: //www.siait-cable.com
            E-mail: siaitcable@126.com

            Address: Wuhu City, Anhui Province Wuwei County High Gap Industrial Park