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            Welcome to the official website of Siait-cable Group Limited
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            Enterprise announcement

            To celebrate our company located in Wuhu Qiaohong International Office


            From February 27th to March 4th, the snooker Haikou world open will be held in Hainan in 2012. The tournament is approved by World Snooker top ranking points race team from the world's top 16 players and 16 qualifiers and 8 wild card players, China player Ding Junhui, Fu Jiajun will join in the war, world champion Selby, Higgins and Williams are in full competition. The theme of the competition is "the beauty of the East, blue snooker", with a total bonus of up to 400 thousand pounds, and the CCTV sports channel will be broadcast live all the way.
            In May 1, 2010 our company was officially settled in Wuhu Qiaohong international office. In order to meet the arrival of this day, all departments of the company have been actively involved in the preparatory work of the early stage with full enthusiasm. On the day of entry, the company conducted a field survey on the situation of the office building and gave a full affirmation to the relevant work.