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            Welcome to the official website of Siait-cable Group Limited
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            The first domestic wire and cable Expo was held in Wuhu


            China (Wuhu) electricity and cable Expo and product quality summit will be held at the Wuhu International Convention and Exhibition Center on -2 November 1st. Vice governor Wei Chuanzhong, deputy director of the State Administration of quality inspection, the Ministry of industry and information technology Yang Xueshan, vice minister Hua Jianhui, the State Quality Inspection Administration, the Ministry of the relevant departments of the leadership, provinces and autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government quality supervision and ministry leaders, deputy Secretary General of the provincial government and the provincial departments concerned leader Zhang Wuyang, party secretary Gao Dengbang, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee mayor Yang Jingnong and other city leaders attended the opening ceremony.
            The Expo and product quality summit was jointly sponsored by the AQSIQ, the Ministry of industry and information and the provincial government. The China Federation of machinery, the China Electric Power Enterprise Federation, the national Power Grid Corp, the southern Power Grid Corp and the economic daily office jointly organized the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and the municipal government. The theme of the conference is to "improve the quality of products, promote the development of the industry, and build a powerful country of quality". Hua Jianhui pointed out in his speech that the wire and cable industry is an important basic industry in the development of the national economy. It is also known as the "blood vessel" and "nerve" of the national economy. In recent years, Anhui has been one of the four largest production bases of wire and cable in China. It encourages and guides enterprises to focus on technological innovation, independent research and development and quality improvement, and the wire and cable industry has achieved rapid development. Last year, the total value of the wire and cable industry in the Province amounted to 60 billion yuan, and there were more than 400 electric wire and cable enterprises. It formed three major production bases of wire and cable in Hefei, Wuhu and Chuzhou, involving civil, electric power, shipbuilding, iron and steel, petrochemical and other industries. Through a series of activities such as product exhibition, enterprise docking and high-end seminar, the conference has built an important communication and cooperation platform for the optimization and upgrading of the national wire and cable industry and transformation and development. It also provides valuable learning opportunities for Anhui's wire and cable industry. We will conscientiously learn from the conference results and learn from the good practices and experience of domestic and foreign wire and cable industry, and further optimize and enhance the development level of our province's wire and cable industry.
            Gao Deng Bang sent a warm welcome to all the leaders and guests attending the conference. He would like to express his heartfelt thanks to the AQSIQ, the Ministry of industry and the Ministry of industry, the relevant departments and people from all walks of life who have been concerned about and supported the development of Wuhu wire and cable industry for a long time. He said that Wuhu is a hot land for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the Wuhu wire and cable industry is the result of innovation and entrepreneurship. After 20 years of development, Wuhu's wire and cable industry has more than 260 enterprises and more than 30 thousand employees. Last year, the output value is 35 billion yuan, which is one of the four largest wire and cable industrial bases in China. The wire and cable industry has become the key industry in Wuhu. It is trying to improve the industrial development level and enhance the competitiveness of the cluster. It is believed that the Expo will be held in Wuhu. It will promote the communication and promotion of the whole industry, and further speed up the development of wire and cable industry in our city.
            The opening ceremony, supervision department, national quality inspection administration of science and Technology Department, quality department and other departments announced the national quality inspection administration on the 132 AA industrial classification of product quality supervision information announcement, agreed on the construction of the national special cable product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Wuhu), approved on the approval of Wuwei County to create a national special cable famous brand demonstration area decision.
            After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests visited the wire and cable enterprises and product display at the Wuhu International Convention and Exhibition Center. Convention and exhibition center with a total of more than 300 booths, showcasing the history, status and development direction of China's wire and cable industry, the famous cable industry gathering area overall situation, the wire and cable industry well-known enterprises, famous wire and cable products and ancillary equipment and ancillary products etc..