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            Welcome to the official website of Siait-cable Group Limited
            CN EN

            Good faith promise of product quality, safety and quality of wire and cable production enterprises


            In order to fulfill the main responsibility for quality and safety according to law, to promote the integrity of the quality construction of wire and cable industry, to create a fair, orderly, harmonious credit market competition environment, to make positive efforts and contributions to enhance the quality of the overall level of China's wire and cable products, a solemn commitment to the whole society:
            First, production according to law, the implementation of the main responsibility of the product quality and safety. Strictly abide by the "people's Republic of China product quality law", "People's Republic of China industrial products production license management regulations", "People's Republic of China certification regulations" and other laws and regulations, strengthen enterprise management and staff awareness of quality and safety responsibility, establish and improve the quality and safety responsibility system, clear quality responsibility, the implementation of full quality management, strict implementation of the quality and safety of "one vote veto" system, quality and safety responsibilities to every link and every employee of production and operation.
            Two, strict management, improve the quality of product quality assurance. We should carry out the advanced quality management method, improve the measurement assurance system, standardization system and inspection and testing system, and strictly control the whole process of raw material, production process, product delivery, storage, transportation and sale. In strict accordance with the standard requirements of raw material procurement, strictly carry out the purchase of raw materials inspection, properly preserved protection of various raw materials and production accessories, to eliminate substandard raw materials into the production process; scientific and rational selection of production technology, production process in strict accordance with the file, the content and frequency of strengthening process inspection, to prevent unqualified into semi-finished products the next procedure; factory inspection and verification in strict accordance with the production license and the detailed rules for the implementation of CCC Certification Implementation Rules, to ensure quality products factory.
            Three, honesty first, the establishment of a perfect quality and integrity system. Strictly implement the product standards and abide by the contract of production and operation. Resolutely eliminate false propaganda, fake, shoddy, illegal tagging. It will not cheat consumers or users in any form, do not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of other enterprises, consciously resist unfair competition behaviors such as malicious bidding and low price bidding, and responsibly provide products and services that are safe and secure to consumers, users and society.
            Four, conscientiously accept supervision and fully fulfill social responsibility. Actively cooperate with the government supervision, and consciously accept social supervision, the establishment of major quality accidents active reporting system, strictly implement the responsibility system of quality and safety, improve the product quality traceability system, effective implementation of unqualified products traceability, recall and processing, strict implementation of "Three Guarantees" system (Baotui, Baohuan, warranty, guarantee to meet the requirements of products and good service to users), quality problems timely solve the damage of consumers and users of tangible benefits. At the same time, we should actively devote ourselves to the new countryside construction, contribute to the social construction and the welfare of the masses, and strive to play a leading role in promoting the continuous and healthy development of CSR in China.
            Five, establish the brand, improve the core competitiveness of quality. The active use of new technology, new materials and new equipment, adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards, technical standards to overcome the high point, and constantly improve the level of technology research and development, the implementation of "quality, integrity-based" as the core content of the brand development strategy, accelerate the development of large enterprises with international famous brand and the core competitiveness of the time to promote the innovation and development of "Chinese manufacturing".
            The good faith production and management is the moral bottom line of the enterprise, and the guarantee of the quality and safety is the responsibility of the enterprise. We firmly implement the commitments of quality and integrity, and firmly establish the business philosophy of "honesty is the highest and quality is the win". We should develop brand with integrity and develop with quality. I hope the whole society to strengthen supervision, support and concern us, we are willing to work with the joint efforts of all sectors of society, a set of wire and cable "Chinese" made a good image, to enhance the quality of wire and cable, wire and cable industry to promote the transformation of development, sustainable development and scientific development!