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            Welcome to the official website of Siait-cable Group Limited
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            Wuwei County held the first professional skill competition in wire and cable industry


            In order to speed up the construction of the highly skilled personnel in the wire and cable industry of the county and enhance the professional skills level of employees, in the morning of October 16th, Wuwei County held the opening ceremony of the first professional skills competition in wire and cable industry. The county government deputy mayor Fang Yongdong, deputy director of the county people's Congress Feng Liang, county CPPCC Vice Chairman Xia Youlin, Municipal Bureau of human resources and social employment service center director Qinghe, guanwenjun people club bureau chief, the Organization Department of the county, the county people club Bureau, Finance Bureau, county women's Federation, group, Cable Association and relevant responsible person to attend the township contest the opening ceremony, opening ceremony presided over by the assistant county and county of wire and cable industry association Tong Zhongbao. A total of 40 enterprises, 266 athletes participated in the competition, the competition involved the quality inspection workers, extruders, cable workers and stranded workers four types of work.
            The opening ceremony, the Standing Committee of the county committee, deputy governor, director of the competition organizing committee Fang Yongdong stressed, I held the first county of wire and cable industry occupation skill competition, specific measures is the county Party committee and government to implement the "talent county" strategy, but also to promote the cable industry transformation and upgrading, speed up an important measure for the transformation of economic development mode. I hope the county cable Association, county people club Bureau and relevant departments should carefully organized, detailed division of labor, enthusiasm and meticulous service, will work to ensure the smooth and orderly competition; hope that the assessor, the staff must abide by the occupation morals, work discipline, strictly abide by the rules of the game, to ensure open and fair competition all the contestants; hope to cherish this opportunity, carefully prepared, subject to management, with the referee, with the best skills and the best condition, tenacious struggle, strive first, race out of style, race out of friendship.
            The opening ceremony ended, 266 players are entering the 10 exam in Gaogou schools to cable theory test.