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            Welcome to the official website of Siait-cable Group Limited
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            Analysis on the Development Prospect of China 's Wire and Cable Industry in 2016


            From the external factors, the Western developed countries to implement re-industrialization strategy, seeking to continue to lead in the technology industry, to seize the high-end manufacturing. On the other hand, some developing countries to lower labor costs to undertake the transfer of labor-intensive industries, to seize the low end of manufacturing.

            From the internal factors, in the global economic downturn, the domestic economic downward pressure, all walks of life are to maintain their attitude of sitting, real estate downturn, investment construction is not active, new energy manufacturing is endless. In this case, as the upstream and downstream enterprises of the wire and cable industry is naturally seriously affected.

            China's economic development has entered a new normal, changing the mode of economic development without delay. Faced with the current severe economic situation test, many entrepreneurs and the industry are feeling the pressure, of course, for most of the business is both a risk and a challenge. With the Ali Group Ma sentence: "Today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very good, but the vast majority of people die tomorrow night, see the day after tomorrow's sun."

            Nevertheless, I believe that the current phenomenon on the market are all the wire and cable in the transition period of pain, are normal phenomenon, wire and cable industry with the times, the strength of the future development of the enterprise prospects must be beautiful of. However, companies have to plan ahead, early deployment and planning in order to see the crisis in the transition period in the transition time, in order to compete in the future market in a quick step, invincible.

            First, the "one way" strategy of international opportunities: wire and cable industry development of the new engine
            In 2015, the "one side of the way" strategy is about the future of China's reform and development, stability and prosperity and even to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's major "top design." "With all the way" strategy, with a profound background. Domestic reform into the deep water area, opening up facing the adjustment of the turn, economic development in the shift period, the pain period, the digestion period "three superimposed" a new stage, social reform and development to the contradiction, risk backlog, Climbing the key period of climbing. Global economic globalization, regional economic integration to accelerate, global economic growth and trade, investment pattern is undergoing a profound adjustment, the world economy to the transformation and upgrading of the critical stage, the need to further stimulate the region's development vitality and cooperation potential.

            The total area of the population is about 4.6 billion (about two-thirds of the world), with a total GDP of US $ 20 trillion (about one-third of the world). Preliminary estimates, the next decade China's exports along the way a region is expected to increase to about 1/3, China along the way the total investment is expected to reach 5 trillion US dollars. At present, around the "area along the way" to build, under construction infrastructure has been more than 1 trillion US dollars, the scale of cross-border investment of about 52.4 billion US dollars. General infrastructure construction period of 2 - 4 years, 2015 domestic "area along the way" the amount of investment in the 300 billion -400 billion US dollars. Overseas project infrastructure investment, assuming 1/3 of the project in the domestic preparation of related equipment, then in 2016 by the "one way" to pull the investment scale will be more than 400 billion US dollars or more.

            It is understood that a large public buildings, electrical investment accounts for about 10% of the total investment, and cable in the electrical investment, will account for the relative proportion of the budget. This is to resolve the domestic cable business overcapacity, the structural adjustment of the industry provides a rare opportunity.

            "One way all the way" strategy, no doubt pull the entire infrastructure, and infrastructure interconnection is the strategic construction of the priority areas, which will benefit the largest wire and cable industry. Whether it is "crossroads" and "cross-border power and transmission channel construction", such as cross-border fiber optic cable and cable, nuclear power, wind power, solar energy and other indirect stimulating cable demand, Will be a major historical opportunity for cable companies. "

            "Along the way" along the developing countries, mostly into the industrialization and urbanization of the rapid development stage, the urgent need for a large number of capital and advanced technology to develop power infrastructure. Conform to the international situation "going out" will provide opportunities for cable companies.

            In the past, many enterprises in developed countries came to China to set up factories, they carried out industrial transfer, the backward production capacity to move to China, to enjoy China's demographic dividends and low-cost labor. Today we should go out like a lot of Western countries into China. Wire and cable industry to actively carry out international production capacity cooperation, take the initiative to dock the relevant national needs, through foreign project contracting and investment, led the Chinese wire and cable products to go abroad, in the international market competition to promote China's wire and cable manufacturing upgrades.

            In the clean energy generation, "along the way" along the multinational countries are rich in wind energy and solar energy resources, and actively promote hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar energy and other clean, renewable energy cooperation, can be expected, clean energy development will usher in Significant development period. With China to develop clean energy, for the wire and cable industry is a huge pull. To build a "way along the way" conform to the world multipolarization, economic globalization, cultural diversification, the trend of social information, is committed to maintaining the global free trade system and the open world economy, embarked on a road of cooperation and win-win. At the same time cable companies should also be prepared to adjust the industrial structure, promote transformation and upgrading, enhance international competitiveness, to meet this new opportunity.

            Second, the "Internet +" and the depth of the wire and cable industry integration: the concept of business and model changes
            During the two sessions in 2015, the "Internet +" action plan was clearly stated in the government work report, which was like a vigorous hurricane, sweeping across the industry overnight.
            On the "Internet +" policy driven in all industries are very fire, if the "Internet +" into our wire and cable industry, "Internet + cable" for the wire and cable industry, suppliers and buyers are beneficiaries The "Internet +" to make information more circulation, the full use of resources. "Internet +" to the project, cable suppliers and cable buyers effectively together, while expanding the sales channels, help enterprises to upgrade. In the last day the cat "double eleven" record 912 billion record at the same time, wire and cable sales on the Internet also broke through a record high. "In fact, the Internet + does not simply stick the Internet with traditional industries. This is not a "physical reaction", but should be "chemical reaction", is the reorganization of elements, it is the transformation of the traditional industries of the Internet production mode, economic model, industrial structure of the process. "

            Industry 4.0 is an important part of the "Internet +", Internet technology reduces the asymmetry of information between production and marketing, accelerates the interlinkages and feedback between the two, thus giving birth to a consumer-driven business model while Industrial 4.0 is This model is the key link. Industry 4.0 represents the "Internet + manufacturing" intelligent production, gave birth to a large number of new business model, and actively looking for "Internet +" mode of development and approach, has become the current wire and cable industry, the top priority, New development model, improve product quality and efficiency. Increase the technical input, the development of environmental protection and energy saving high-quality wire and cable products are likely to seize the development of the golden opportunity to promote the healthy development of wire and cable enterprises. "The new normal situation, the face of the new economic opportunities, wire and cable enterprises need to change their thinking to the Internet +, sharing the economy, large data, cloud computing and other new means of technology as an opportunity to adjust the concept of active exploration, accumulation bedding, Cultivate the core competitiveness of future enterprises.

            Third, "Made in China 2025" on the transformation of the traditional cable industry upgrade: homeopathy and in order to have great development
            "Made in China 2025" is the State Council in May 8, 2015 announced to strengthen the high-end manufacturing industry, national strategic planning, is to build China's three decades of strategy to build the first decade of the program of action. Is to focus on the whole international and domestic economic and social development, industry trends in the development of a long-term strategic plan, not only to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing and healthy and stable development, but also in response to the development of new technological revolution, High-end development.

            China's manufacturing industry in general rather than strong, many products sold in the world's first, but more in the industrial chain in the low-end, the lack of added value and brand awareness. China's wire and cable industry, the annual output value of trillion yuan in line with the image of China's manufacturing power, but tens of thousands of cable companies are only a few few can compete with foreign giants business. China's cable companies in their own areas of expertise intensive, more to create, less cottage, the pursuit of quality, to stop shoddy, the quality of the enterprise as the conduct of the same time to strengthen the brand's brand operation. Only in this way, to get rid of Chinese products in the global low-end, low-quality, low-cost image, to promote the global industrial value in the high-end jump.

            For China's cable industry, excess capacity is the development process must go through the period. During this period, looking for market breakthroughs is a major issue for all cable companies. In the "China made 2025" outlet, the Chinese government will focus on promoting the new materials, including 10 key areas such as support, and strive to achieve breakthrough development, which for the vast majority of wire and cable manufacturing enterprises, will be a Great opportunity. Promote the traditional cable manufacturing industry to the direction of energy saving and environmental protection, vigorously develop wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy industries.

            2016 is the "thirteen five" planning start of the year, look forward to 2016, China's wire and cable development opportunities and challenges coexist, both "thirteen" new policies began to implement, industrial development space and other positive factors, But also the overall opportunities than the challenge, China's wire and cable industry will show a new form of development and trends, "Internet +", "Made in China 2025", "Industrial 4.0", the industry is still in the doldrums, "And so will become the wire and cable industry to bring new growth highlights. One new fashion term contains too many opportunities and challenges. This is a good opportunity for Chinese industry to catch up, but also China's wire and cable enterprises reborn, a great opportunity to upgrade.