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            Welcome to the official website of Siait-cable Group Limited
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            Wuhu Yijiang district governor Wang Yonghui one line to our company research


            On the morning of May 20th, Wang Yonghui, deputy secretary and district director of Yijiang District Committee of Wuhu, led the director of the Yijiang development and Reform Commission, and the district government came to inspect our research work. Is our business, science and technology research and development, market development, and Yijiang District linkage development and other issues with Chairman Xu Dingfeng and general manager He Junhua and the company's technology backbone to carry out intimate interviews, some confusion and problems encountered in the development of enterprises conducted in-depth communication. Xu Dingfeng, the chairman of the company, made a brief report on the overall development of the company in the past three years and the arrangement of the company's listing. SIAIT investment since 2009 settled in Yijiang District, the Yijiang district departments hold support, is rooted in the Wuhu high tech Industrial Development Zone, SIAIT re adjust the business structure and development of new strategic objectives. The company has achieved good economic and social benefits. After hearing the report, Wang thanked him for his contribution to the economic development of the district. It also said that the relevant departments of the organization should actively solve the coordination issues raised by New Asia Limited by Share Ltd in the communication. It also hopes to better cooperate and communicate in the future, provide platform and convenience for the development of the company, and jointly promote the rapid and healthy development of Yijiang's economy.