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            Welcome to the official website of Siait-cable Group Limited
            CN EN

            The second China (Wuhu) summit of wire and cable Expo and quality of products was held in Wuhu, Anhui


            In December 12th, by the national quality inspection administration in conjunction with the Chinese machinery industry in Anhui province people's government, the Federation, Chinese Power Enterprise Association, jointly organized the national Power Grid Corp, China Southern Grid Corp, limited liability company, the economic daily of the second session of China (Wuhu) wire and cable Expo product quality summit in Wuhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, deputy director of the State Quality Inspection Administration Wei Chuanzhong vice governor Hua Jianhui attended the summit and delivered a speech, as Wuhu wire and cable industry leader, I was invited to attend the summit, group chairman Xu Ding peak on behalf of Wuhu wire and cable companies to make a special report.
            Xu proposed in the report: the peak of the incentive market competition environment and the increasingly concentrated market share, how to improve the quality of wire and cable products become the only way for the survival of enterprises, each enterprise should be based on the present, focus on the future, now in full recognition of wire and cable industry product quality has achieved remarkable results at the same time, also need to continue to explore the new path of development, forge ahead, pragmatic innovation, promote the continuous upgrading of product quality.
            After the opening ceremony, Xu Dingfeng, chairman of the board, invited the deputy director of the AQSIQ, Wei Chuanzhong, vice governor Hua Jianhui and the leaders of the provincial and municipal leaders attending the summit to visit our company. During the visit, leaders at all levels gave full recognition to the development of New Asia, and told our company to give full play to the leading role in the quality improvement work in the future. I believe, under the affirmation and guidance of the governments at all levels, the development of our company will take a more solid step.
            This exhibition takes the spirit of the first Expo in 2012, and invites more than 100 leading enterprises in the country and all the small and medium-sized enterprises across the country. While the enterprise shows its own strength, it can also draw on the new opportunities for development from other competition.
            The meeting lasted two days, held a new national wire and cable products "period" (new policies, new programs, new pattern) to improve the quality of product development seminar, docking and other activities. The Ministry of industry, China Federation of electric power enterprises, the national Power Grid Corp, China Southern Power Grid Chinese responsible person, from the cable industry gathering area of Anhui Wuwei County, Hebei Ningjin County, Jiangsu City, Yixing local Party committee, government and enterprises for a staff visit our company, and self conducted in-depth discussions around the new policy and product a new pattern of development, and the transformation and upgrading of the new program and the industry. (Qiu Zhenglai)